At SCF, we use the term "community development fees" synonymously with "administrative fees." The name better captures the nature and purpose of the work we perform for the community at large. In addition to the grants awarded from our donor Funds, SCF also provides donor services, community workshops and training, capacity building support, activities for visibility and strengthening of our local nonprofit organizations, nonprofit funding information, and referrals to potential funders about community needs.

Our fees are consistent with those charged by other community foundations nationally and are in compliance with the National Standards set by the Council on Foundations. Our Donors and Fundholders can be confident that 95% or more of each charitable dollar goes toward meeting the needs of the community through grants and programs. There are never any hidden or embedded fees. Please review the documents provided on the right hand side of this page for specific information.


The recommended minimum gift to establish an Endowed (permanent) Fund at the Solano Community Foundation is $10,000. With approval of the Foundation prior to signing the Fund Agreement, the minimum establishing gift for an Endowed Fund may be made in gift installments, donated within three years. Distributions from these Funds may be made to 501c(3) public charities, or to educational institutions if set up as a Scholarship Program Fund. Endowed Funds are charged a maximum fee of 2% of the fund balance per calendar year, with a minimum fee of $200.

Endowed Funds set up by nonprofit organizations do not pay fees until the fund balance reaches $100,000. Thereafter, the fund is charged an annual fee of 1%.

Fundholders of endowed Funds may recommend grants on an annual basis through the distribution of up to 4% of the Fund balance. Awards are made from the earnings of each endowed Fund. As earnings accumulate, distributions will be made but not if it invades the principal (permanent gift amount). We recommend that endowed fundholders wait twelve quarters (three years) from the date of establishment to allow the principal gift amount to generate earnings, thus providing grantmaking capability in perpetuity. There is no minimum distribution requirement.


The minimum gift necessary to establish a non-endowed Fund is $500. The recommended establishing amount is $1,000. These funds are usually linked to special fundraising events and efforts, and as such, result in a greater level of activity. This higher administrative load on Foundation staff includes all the reporting, accounting, and tracking of activities and finances. Non-Endowed Funds are a minimum fee of $500, or 5% of all gifts received per calendar year, whichever amount is greater. Non-endowed funds do not earn dividends, and there are no gains or losses posted. Distributions from these Funds are made to 501c(3) public charities, or to educational institutions if set up as a Scholarship Program Fund.

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