Established: Oct 13, 2017


The 2019 Solano Disaster Relief Grant application cycle is currently closed and will open on March 1, 2019. Qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving Solano and Napa residents are eligible to apply.

The Solano Disaster Relief Fund was established to support recovery and rebuilding efforts. SCF is not able to support individuals with cash grants, but grants from this Fund will help the nonprofits that are providing direct services to individuals and families.  SCF is not able to support individuals with cash grants.

Grants from the Solano Disaster Relief Fund will focus on helping those organizations who are working to provide relief and recovery services to Solano County and Napa County residents, specifically for medical care, counseling, temporary shelter and meals to the individuals and families affected by the October Fires.

To begin the application process, first read the SDRF Eligibility & Application Instructions. Then, complete the grant application form. The same form is used to apply for either a small or large grant request.  However, when requesting a large grant a Letter of Intent (LOI) is also required (in addition to the application form).

Small grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to help support relief projects that are short- term, meet the most urgent needs of victims, and are time sensitive (food, clothing, temporary shelter). Applicants must use the 2018 SDRF Grant Application Form & Letter of Intent to request funding.

Larger grants (greater than $2,500) are available to support intermediate and long-term, more complex recovery programs (e.g., employment development or training, healthcare, transportation). Applicants must use the 2018 SDRF Grant Application Form & Letter of Intent to request funding.

After the frenzy and chaos of a devastating disaster passes, the long road to recovery and rebuilding begins. 

SCF as a community foundation, will play a distinct and critical role in the recovery efforts to address the mid- to long-term needs of the communities we serve. We are in the best position to hold funds, make grants, and support rebuilding efforts.

Many nonprofits and government agencies have been supporting fire victims directly, but many nonprofits themselves (personnel and places of business) were impacted and also need help.

To this end, SCF continues to accept donations to the Solano Disaster Relief Fund to help in relief and recovery efforts.

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