Established: Aug 22, 2005

This fund was established to support the operation and expansion of La Clinica Vallejo, serving children and families. As part of the parent organization, La Clinica, this Vallejo-based facility shares a common history:

Before La Clínica de La Raza was established, low-income residents in the East Bay had few options available to them for affordable health care. As a result, many were forced to go to the Emergency Room for problems that could have been avoided with adequate care. In response to this gap in services, a group of concerned health practitioners, community activists and students came together in 1971 to establish a multi-service clinic based on the needs expressed by the community. 

Since that time, La Clínica has played an important role in the East Bay by offering low-cost quality health care services for multilingual and multicultural populations at 23 locations in three counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties, with many of our patients served in the City of Oakland.

Young patient and one of the Clinic's many friendly and skilled staff.  

 La Clínica's comprehensive services include: pediatrics, family medicine, women's health care, mental health services, dental and vision care, and health education. We offer these services regardless of people's ability to pay or insurance coverage.  To most effectively serve the diverse community of the East Bay, La Clínica hires health practitioners who fluently speak Spanish, English, Chinese, as well as Hindi, Arabic, and Amharic. A concerted effort is made to recruit doctors, nurses, health educators and other providers who come from the same cultures as the patients.

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