Most of the names below will link to photos, stories, short quotes, and obituaries received from the donors who have memorialized thier loved ones through this program. Please contact the Foundation if you have questions, or information you would like to see added to this page.

Benjamin C. Bertagna Jack. C. Keeler Leota B. Ruffing
Charles A. Clark Paul Krause Delores Serpas
Ray Cruz Herb Kaiser Fred Steiner
Max Dreeben Richard A. Kendall Shirley Steiner
William T. Drake Lucy Gray Love Max and "Bub" Swagger
Wesley Dunn Pauline Maglio I. Donald Terner
Ciro Garcia Kenneth G. Mistler Lisette Valento
Andrew ("Andy") Goodman Sharon Mellon Leigh, MD Annie Wren
Samantha Gardiner Alfred Neufeld Walter W. Weir, Judge
Robert F. Harris Ann and Joseph Neufeld Annette Zimand 
John Harwood Nick Neufeld  
Christine Haverty Johnson Florentina Roderos  

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Loved Ones Remembered


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