SCF Founding Members & Prior Members

Max Rossi became the first elected Chair of the SCF Board of Directors in February 1995. As one of the twelve founding members in 1994, Max was enthusiastic about strengthening his community and a key force in forming the Solano Community Foundation. In March of 1996, the Foundation received its 501(c)(3) I.R.S. determination letter and fundraising began in earnest. 

According to his wife Nancy, “Max started the Foundation because he saw a real need for it in Solano County, he really stressed the importance of keeping the money local, and for the need to help each other."  From a few funds totaling $20,000 in 1997, SCF now holds over $9.8 million in fund assets. More than ninety six percent (96%) of assets held by the Foundation are permanently restricted (endowed) monies. 

We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the men and women listed below who had a hand in establishing the Solano Community Foundation, and to those who have served at different times since its inception. 

The names of our founding board members are marked with an asterisk (*). 

Murray Bass * Rebecca Gardiner Leo Martinez Cathy Preovolos Pelton Stewart
Abe Bautista Brett Johnson Luke Monroe John Rankine Curtis Stocking
Jon Blegen David Knitter Tiffany Monroe S. Scott Reynolds Andy Suihkonen
Jose Briseno Tim Kubli Deanna Myhre Max Rossi * Walt Sunderman *
Brian Chikowski * Patty LaPlant * James Nordin Don Rowe Sherry Tennyson
Mike Conner * Steve Lessler * Mel Orpilla Wayne Senalik Lena Williams *
Don Erickson Victoria Li Gary Passama Mark Sievers * Billy Yarbrough*
Mark Fink Matt Lucas Margaret Payne Sandra Smith  
Dave Gaw * Marilyn Manfredi Stephen Power * Tom Snyder  



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