If you or someone you know would like to establish a Fund at the Foundation, we ask that you please call Connie Harris, CEO at 707-399-3846, or send an email to connie@solanocf.org. 

At your request, we will send you pertinent documents to review (a New Fund Questionnaire, a sample Fund Agreement, and SCF Policy on Fee Structure for Funds and Services). When you are ready to proceed, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting and discuss your philanthropic objectives, answer questions, and review your questionnaire responses. We then explore gift options, fee structures for both endowed and non-endowed funds, types of funds, and intended purpose. Our mission is to make sure you have the information needed to help you establish a Fund that aligns with the interest areas that you are most passionate about, and one that will meet your philanthropic goals.

The more information you can provide when setting up your Fund, the better the Foundation can carry out your wishes, now and in perpetuity.

Regardless of the type of Fund you wish to open at the Solano Community Foundation, a Fund Agreement must be drafted and signed. The contents of the agreement outline and describe the terms and conditions that the Foundation and you (the Donor/Fundholder) consent to follow. The agreement is a legally binding contract which will be in place (with any approved changes) for the life of your Fund. You will be asked to make your agreed upon establishing gift at the time your Fund is opened (i.e. agreement is signed). There are two Sample Fund Agreements located on the right hand side of this page to view and download. 

All Fund Agreements include this information:

  • the Fund Class (i.e. permanently restricted or unrestricted).
  • the Fund Type (i.e. Donor Advised, Field of Interest, Designated, or Scholarship).
  • name of the Donor/Fundholder and Successors.
  • the name of the Fund.
  • the purpose of the Fund (in general terms or with detailed instructions).
  • the amount and type of contribution to be used as the Establishing Gift.

You may set up a fund in your name, in the name of your family, in memory or in honor of another person(s), or name your fund after a business, or for a nonprofit.  You may also choose a fund name to reflect the purpose or interest area you wish to support. The name of your Fund and the successors may change over time, however the assets of an endowed fund must remain permanently restricted. Any changes must be requested in writing and approved by the Foundation Board of Directors. Grants awarded from the fund will be made to qualified nonprofits (or schools) in accordance with the Fund's purpose, and federal and state regulations.

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