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Retiring from teaching at Vallejo High School for 33 years, Harland Bartholomew is dedicated to expanding post-secondary school opportunities for graduating seniors. The purpose of this fund is to provide grants/assistance to nonprofits with college access and scholarship programs.

In a letter to alumni and friends of Vallejo High School, Harland wrote:  “The Vallejo High Hope Endowment Fund has taken on the challenge of changing the academic climate at Vallejo High.  

Currently, only 20 to 25% of Vallejo High students go on to college. The challenge increases because many students who do want to go to four-year colleges and universities struggle financially to make this possible. 

A Vallejo High story: A student ranked in the top 20 of his class and had a 3.8 grade point average. Household finances required that he work while he went to school. With a single parent, he was often responsible for his younger siblings. Lack of financial resources and these family responsibilities made it impossible for this qualified student to attend a four-year college or university – his only option was community college.   

You can help the Vallejo High Hope Endowment Fund, and Help Vallejo High students help make this world a better place.  Donors can help meet these challenges by joining us to raise $1,000,000. We know this seems like a very lofty goal, but we are looking for 2000 people to each contribute $500. We are calling this special group of donors “Club 2000.” If necessary, this commitment can be fulfilled over five years.  

The funds collected are managed and invested by the Solano Community Foundation. To join Harland's Club 2000, click the ‘donate’ button or send a check payable to the Solano Community Foundation, Vallejo High Hope Endowment Fund. 

We can all make a difference for hard-working and motivated students whose only barrier to a high-quality university education is money.”


Jul 02, 2010

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