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The Armijo Alumni Association, Inc. manages various scholarship programs to award scholarships to Armijo High School students through Assist-A-Grad.  Monies donated to the parent fund for a specific class year, are held in separate class-year sub-funds.  In March 2013 Fundholder authority for the Armijo Class of 65 Memorial Scholarship Fund was transferred to the Armijo Alumni Association, Inc.  The fund name was changed to reflect the name of the new fund holder, and the wider purpose of the fund.

" … as President of the Armijo Alumni Association, Nanciann Gregg (Association Founder) and I had a wonderful meeting with Connie from the Foundation, who helped us transfer funds. You ladies don't received enough credit for what you do. Great organization!"  -Thanks, David McBride


The roots of the Armijo Alumni can be traced back to an alumni get together in 1956 at the Farm Bureau Center. The members who showed up to that function signed a guest book which can viewed by clicking here.

In 1990 a committee was formed to make preparations for the school's centennial celebration of 1991.  During the final meeting of the Armijo Centennial Committee, Harry Chadbourne, Class of 1936, gave a tearful plea to keep the group together. Ruth Smith Hagemann, Class of 1933, made the first donation of $100 for the advancement of the Armijo Alumni Association.

With the guidance of Bert Hughes, the Armijo Alumni Association formed in the fall of 1991.  The original founders were:  Jeannie Marianno, Class of 1948; Elayne Serpas, Class of 1947, David Marianno, Class of 1952; Kathy Downey, Class of 1958; Nanciann Gregg, Class of 1959, Gordene Pienovi, Class of 1960 and Tim Farmer, Class of 1971.

For more information about the Armijo Alumni Association, write to Nanciann Gregg and the address below, or send an email to  To browse the Alumni Association's website, click on the link below.  The Association holds their meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM at 3602 Ritchie Road in Cordelia, CA. 

P.O. Box 460
Fairfield, CA 94533-0045
(707) 426-1900


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