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Specific Fund Purpose.

To award one or two scholarships annually to students who are pursuing higher education at a public or private university, or certified vocational or trade school. This scholarship will provide financial support to qualified students to help cover educational expenses. These may include but shall not be limited to tuition, fees, and books, travel costs to and from the institution attending, and room and board. The scholarship award shall be $5,000 total, payable over a period of two years at $2,500 annually.

Scholarship Eligibility and Award Criteria.
Candidates will use a standard application form and process provided by the Foundation. Application packages submitted must include current official grade transcripts and most recent tax return (first two pages) of parent or guardian.

To assure that the scholarship is awarded fairly and independently, the criteria and selection procedures will be approved in advance by the Foundation’s Board for each scholarship cycle. An interview by the Selection Committee may be required to choose final candidates.

    1. The applicant must be a graduate of a public high school located in Fairfield or Suisun City, CA.

    2. The applicant will preferably be of Asian descent.

    3. The applicant will be from a low- or middle-income family.

    4. The applicant will have graduated with a GPA lower than the top ten percent (10%) of their graduating class.


Nov 28, 2023

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Education & Scholarships