August 18, 2017


Helping Nonprofits IN PERPETUITY

There’s a plot at Rockville Cemetery, where four large slabs of smooth concrete lie peacefully near the paved road, and where the story of Leslie Anderson, whose name is on one of the slabs, remains alive.
Read about the Leslie Anderson and Virginia May Anderson Fund

senior's endowment benefit inspiring musicians . . . what's your passion?

Robert Briggs spent most of his 80 years breathing life into instruments. For decades, Briggs took his passion for music into the hearts of his students at Armijo High School and those at the University of Berkeley, California. 

Read about the Robert O. Briggs Endowment Fund 

a legacy of memories

For 78-year-old Nancy Rossi, sitting in her large entertainment room with bursts of sunlight peeking through the plush curtains, talk of her husband brings a glow to her face.

Read about the Max Rossi Memorial Endowment Fund 


They say a teacher can help build a student’s self-esteem, and it’s true. Anyone who has seen a foreign child learn a second language, carrying the burden of translating for the family, knows the difference a teacher can make in their life. 

Read about the Fairfield High School Staff Scholarship Fund