Solano Community Foundation has three unique grantmaking programs that support our mission and goals, and holds the promise of strengthening the community now and for the future. These programs are designed to help improve the quality of life for residents of Solano County through partnering with schools, nonprofit organizations, community stakeholders.  SCF believes that these partnerships are the cornerstone of a vibrant society.


SCF recognizes and supports academically-enriching programs structured to engage students and enhance their learning experience.  Grants are awarded to projects that will improve literacy and help students achieve grade-level reading by third grade.  Also funded are those projects that help build skills for appropriate math placement of students entering ninth grade.


This program promotes partnership among our local nonprofits, donors, the business sector, community leaders, government, and decision-makers.  NPP is designed to strengthen, develop and serve Solano County nonprofits.  For a nominal membership fee, we offer capacity-building workshops and trainings, and funding opportunities for professional development purposes.


This program is designed to give anyone the opportunity to memorialize and honor a loved one, a colleague, a client, or a friend. Each year, contributions to the fund are pooled and a small grant is awarded to one or more local nonprofits. Monies are used to help support an urgent program need.

Program Pages

Click here to visit the Ed Plus! Grant Program page. 

Click here to visit the Nonprofit Partnership Program page.
Click here to view the Community Memorial Giving Fund page.
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