Established: Jun 23, 2015

Andrew Richard Lucas passed away on June 21, 2015. He was 16 years old.

He lived his entire life in Fairfield, attending B. Gale Wilson Elementary, K. I. Jones Elementary, Green Valley Middle School and Armijo High School where he was in the International Baccalaureate program, just having finished his sophomore year. He played water polo and tennis for Armijo. He also played the saxophone in the Armijo concert band and enjoyed playing music with his friends. They planned to start a jazz band this summer.

His greatest passion and one of his most remarkable attributes was his intellectual curiosity and love of learning and reading. He read every night for pleasure—from fiction to science journals to National Geographic. He truly enjoyed being in the Armijo International Baccalaureate program. He excelled at his academics and they were a source of great pleasure for him.

Andrew had a genuine gift for putting others at ease. He had a wide range of close friends who enjoyed spending time with him, playing ping-pong and just hanging out at his home. Despite spending much time on school, sports and music he loved and valued his friendships.
His two best friends were his brothers, Ryan and Will, whom he loved and admired throughout his life. They had a special bond that always kept them in each other’s hearts even when they were apart.

Although he was so young, he was fortunate to have found a loving, supportive relationship with his girlfriend Emily. He was very grateful for her presence in his life. He loved spending time with his cousins and grandparents. One of his favorite places was Sunriver, Oregon where he went every summer to stay with his brothers, parents, Grandma and Grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins. He enjoyed spending his days there swimming, rafting, playing with the dogs, and biking everywhere, especially to get donuts in the morning.

His paternal grandparents have lived in Green Valley and the surrounding area for many decades. Andrew loved spending time at his Grammy and Grumpy’s house swimming in the pool with his cousins and having family barbeques.

Two summers ago he went on a very special trip with his parents and brothers to Italy where they all spent two weeks exploring Rome, Florence, Pisa, Santa Margherita and Venice. He loved swimming in the Mediterranean with the family’s Italian friends. The trip filled the entire family with a deep sense of joy, love for one another and precious, unforgettable memories.

Andrew was a beautiful person who touched many lives in wonderful ways. Andrew would have loved going to college. This fund, established in memory of him will be used to support college-bound Armijo students.

This fund was established in loving memory of Andrew Lucas, by his family. Contributions are requested in lieu of flowers.

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