Established: Jul 24, 2018

Please check back!  The 2019-2020 Grant Application Cycle will open on September 6, 2019. 

Science CampThis Fund was established to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to explore the world, cultivate new interests, experience the arts, and expand their horizons (via excursions, camperships, performance events etc.)  Nonprofit organizations and public schools that serve youth living in Fairfield and Suisun CA are eligible to apply for small grants, up to $2,500 each.  Grants will not be awarded to attend sporting events or participate in sports club activities.

2019 Eligibility & Application Instructions

2019 TGEF Application Form

Ballet Performance

Funding provided must support programs or projects that provide low-income and at-risk (at-promise) children and youth (ages 5 to 20) with opportunities to participate in academic and cultural enrichment activities and experiences which will help broaden their view of the world. 

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