Established: Dec 07, 2000


Fairfield High School seniors interested in applying should contact ask their teachers or the H.S. Discipline Secretary for details.  To be eligible to apply for a FHS Staff Scholarship, students must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Be a Fairfield High School senior.
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Show consist effort in achieving goals within the academic curriculum to qualify for acceptance in a school of their choice.
  • Show perseverance and fortitude in overcoming difficult circumstances in their personal or academic life while successfully attending Fairfield High School.
  • Be involved in extra-curricular activities on campus or in the community.
  • Plan on enrolling, or already be accepted as a full-time student at a college/university of their choice.

2016 Awards List

Recipient College or University Amount
Shelby Durden Sonoma State Univ. $10,000
Gary Bray San Francisco State Univ. $10,000
Xochitl Calderon Becerril Solano Community College $2,500
Elijah Saavedra UC Davis $2,500
Andrea Martinez Sandoval Carrington College $2,500
Jessica Ruiz Solano Community College $2,500

2015 Awards List

Recipient College or University Amount
Adriana Lomeli CSU Chico $10,000
Karla Delgado CSU Sacramento $10,000
Anika Schauer Univ. of Nevada, Reno $2,500
Jahmir Huff-Curry San Francisco State Univ. $2,500
Tina Subsakunee Solano Community College $2,500
Ruben Rodriguez Solano Community College $2,500

2014 Awards List

Recipient College or University Amount
Laura Becerril Sonoma State University $10,000
Keelin Freeman-Taylor Solano Community College $10,000
Christopher Ceron Solano Community College $2,500
Maria Santos-Barron Solano Community College $2,500
Daniel Smith Sonoma State University $2,500
Karsyn Livingston Solano Community College $2,500

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